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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yet another teacher appreciation gift ;)

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Mother's Day!  My hubby's taking the kids out for a few hours this morning so I have some quiet time for myself - thanks honey!  I just realized I forgot to post this third (and last!) Teacher Appreciation gift I created for my kids' teachers.  I got these jumbo memo clips at the dollar store last week and wanted to jazz them up for the teachers.   

Here are the other two I made:

I used my go-to die cut machine nowadays, my Cameo.  I just love the ease of print and cut feature, as well as the ability to use the fonts already in my computer.  Plus I am able to adjust the shadows as wide or as thin as I want.  Here are some pics of the print and cut feature.  The prints on the cuts were ones I purchased from the Silhouette Store.  Really wished I had a wide format printer so I could utilize the full 12x12 mat :(  - are you listening, honey?! 

For added stability and durability, I added a bottom layer cut in acetate.  It's hard to see below because acetate is hard to photograph.

To adhere the signs to the jumbo memo clips, I used terrifically tacky tape (I tried hot-glueing them but they just came right off). 

To make it easy on me while designing, I used only the Forte font. 

Ok, the hubby and the kids are due back soon so off to spend the rest of Mother's Day in this (finally) beautiful day!  Have a fab day, everyone! 


Dayna Sabrina said...

These are fantastic! I own these very same tags. I love print and cut more than anything. My machine is humming along right now. And Melody's husband - she REALLY NEEDS that wide format printer!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

LOL you're too funny! I just finished posting about finally getting one (see above post)! Thanks for stopping by!