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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Tumblers

I am entering this project in the Cricut Circle Blog Monthly Challenge with the theme"On The Road Again."  No long road trips for us this summer but a lot of summer activities are in store for the kids.  This summer I decided to decorate freezable tumblers I got from Walmart for my kids and my nieces and nephews (ages 3-9 years old) whom I'm driving around to their different summer activities.  I always joke to my husband that I should change the color of my minivan to bright yellow as I feel like a bus driver sometimes LOL!  Who says being a SAHM is not tough?! 

I've seen these kind of tumblers in the Cricut MBs in different versions with the use of vinyl.  I've decided to keep the slip-on tumbler jackets cuz I find the tumblers easier to hold this way, especially with little hands. 

Here are a few close-ups:
for the taekwondo kids

for the basketball player and swimmer

for the cute one (ok, that's NOT an activity, I know but this
 is for the 3 year old one) and the hula dancer

I even decorated above the tumbler jackets:

Details of the project:

* boy and girl martial arts - Car Decals
* martial arts borders - Sports Mania
* basketball - Basketball cart
* basketball border - Sports Mania
* swimmer - Sports Mania
* waves border - Life is a Beach
* girl with flower - Car Decals
* flower - Luau
* flower border - Paper Lace
* letters for the kids' names - Paper Lace & Life is a Beach

This was a fairly easy project to do once you get the coordinating vinyls.  I've almost forgotten how easy working with vinyls was!  Thanks for looking and have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kindergarten "Diploma" Treats - See you in 1st grade!

My 6 year old daughter Mya Alexis is graduating from Kindergarten on Saturday and I made these "diploma" treats for all her classmates - luckily there was only 11 of them in the class so these did not take me that long to mass produce ;). 

Besides the ribbon that wrapped around the box and the tag, I'd pretty much kept the front simple and used plain white cardstock to mimick a diploma.  But if you flip on the back, the box says "See you in 1st Grade!"  That sentiment was computer generated on an 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock using the Curlz MT font on MS Word, at 72 pt, in blue ink and in landscape orientation.  It took a little bit of planning on my part to make sure it prints where I wanted it in the box.  I first cut a "dummy" cut of the pillow box I wanted to use (in blue) then used the negative portion of the cardstock to see where the sentiment would best be centered. I left a bit more spaces between "See" and "you" and "1st" and "Grade" as those were the spots where the ribbon would hit when I wrap it around the pillow box.

Here are a few pics to show what I'm talking about.

BTW I used the pillow box in the Wrap It Up cart but hid the score cuts and the image of the diploma in the final cut.  I made it as big and wide as it would fit an 8 1/2 x 11 page cardstock, allowing for the treats I intended to stuff the pillow box with.  

I used the "positive" dummy image (blue) as my guide to score for the flaps.  I first cut off the flaps in my positive dummy image then used that as guide to score the inside of the white pillow boxes (the side without the printed sentiment).

with the flaps cut off

scoring was easy this way without the annoying score cuts

creased at score marks

I used the coordinating tag from the Wrap It Up cart, cut at 3.5 inches.  The top layer is embossed with D'vine Swirls CB folder.  Here's a pic of what I stuffed the pillow boxes with (actually I was able to get in some Pixie Sticks in there too).

And there you go!  Hope the kids like the presentation as much as the inside treats (LOL) - but I doubt it!  It's ok though cause I enjoyed making these.

Once again, thanks for looking! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not-so-mini Book ;)

Happy Thursday!  I promised that I was going to post this other graduation gift I have been working on and off for my niece who is graduating 8th grade at the end of this week.  I must warn you though....picture heavy!  

I started out with this cake platter because I couldn't find any cardboard to serve as the cover for a mini scrapbook I planned on making for my niece Julia.  Hard as I tried (and I tried a lot, even with a deep blade!) I couldn't cut them with my Expressions without getting a heart attack because of the horrible noise that was coming out of it while cutting unsuccessfully (I think my Expressions was calling out for help hahaha!). 

So I just went ahead and cut  two with a ruller and my utility knife to get straight edges.  I then covered the shiny sides with cardstock and punched the holes with my new Cinch (I love this tool!).  I bound all the pages together before decorating them.
I couldn't find an exact scalloped image in all of my 140+ carts to match this cake platter so I just went ahead and used a circle from George and Basics Shapes cart at 10.5 inches and offset it in my mat on the Gypsy so it doesn't cut the whole circle.  I ended up with 34 pages - not by design, but because I ran out of the particular cardstock stack I was using ;)

So here goes.  I am not going to bore you guys with all the details of how I designed each page, but will post on the bottom the carts and supplies I used.  I  made it easy for this 13 year old to just drop pictures in this not-so-mini album using the designated mats.  I even used journaling stamps so she could jot down whatever she wants to remember pictures with.   

Carts and supplies used
* my trusted Gypsy
* Expressions
* various sentiment and journaling stamps
* various MS punchers for the picture mats
* Peachy Keen stamps
* irock gems
* stickles
* some Prima flowers
* various Cuttlebug embossing folders
* some twines, ribbons and glass beads
* George and Basics Shapes
* Bags, Tags, Boxes and More
* Lyrical Letters
* Straight From the Nest
* Disney- Princesses Dreams Come True
* Stretch Your Imagination
* Create a Critter
* Gypsy Font
* Paper Lace
* Gypsy Wanderings
* Celebrate With Flourish
* Once Upon A Princess
* MS Elegant Cake Art
* Rock Princess
* Forever Young
* Boys Will Be Boys
* Dude!
* Blackletter
* Smiley Cards
* Wild Card
* Quarter Note
* Life is a Beach
* Everyday Paper Dolls
* Locker Talk 
* Home Decor and More
* A Child's Year
* Elegant Cakes

This is by far the most extensive project I have ever made and I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the look on my niece's face when I handed it to her!  Thanks for looking!