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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man of Steel easel card

Hi everyone! Today starts a new challenge over at the Cameo Creations Challenge blog.   The theme for the next two weeks is 4th of July.  So get your patriotic hats on and make something for the upcoming holiday and link it up!  I can't wait to see what you come up with. 

For my DT contribution, I created an easel card.  The patriotic plaque is by Megan Hardy Designs (Design ID #28525) and Superman is actually a print and cut by DC Comics (Design ID #32643).   I used the fonts Abbeyline (for the God Bless) and Choppin Script (for the America).  As you can see I used some Card Candies as a place holder for the easel effect.  Below are some closeups.

side view

folded up

folded up, on its side. 

Also linking up over at the Silhouette Challenges for their print and cut challenge. 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to link up!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monica's Surprise Baby Shower Blog Hop

The Cameo Creations Challenge blog DTs have hijacked the CCC blog ;)

Welcome to Monica's Surprise Baby Shower Blog Hop!   Our friend Monica from Monica's Creative Madness will soon be welcoming a new little boy to her family, so some of us got together to throw her this surprise hop. We're all making scrapbook layouts that she can use to keep up with all of the memories of the first year with her little sweetie.

BTW a little birdie also told us that today is also her birthday AND her actual baby shower - how sweet is that?! Enjoy your extra special day, Monica!

If you arrived here from Elsa's blog you are in the right place. If you stumbled upon my post and would like to start from the beginning, head on over to the Cameo Creations Blog. Be sure to stop by each and every blog along the way for tons of baby album inspiration. Plus, there's bound to be some awesome blog candy up for grabs!

Here are the 8x8 pages I did for Monica.  I normally do 12 x 12 LOs so it was a little challenging to miniaturize some of the elements I normally would pile onto a page.  I did two 2-page LOs, one for tummy time and another for when her baby starts walking.  I designed my pages in the Silhouette Studio and all cuts were done using my Cameo.

LO #1

LO #2
This is how the pages looked like in the Silhouette Studio:


And here are some closeups and details of LO #1 (Tummy Time theme):

I used the Cooper Black font for the title, arranged each letter the
way I wanted them to look, then used the offset feature to create the
shadow.  Then I embossed the top layers of the title with the Swiss
Dots CB folder and attached them to the shadow layer using foam
mounts for some depth.  The baby charms were by SnapDragon Snippets
(Design ID #12211) strung on some twine. 
The white rectangles come off and serve as place holders for
Monica's photos. I used white painter's tape to hold them in place
until she's ready to put her own pictures in. The baby image is by
SnapDragon Snippets (Design ID #17188) - it's actually a baby
crawling but I did a bit of "surgery" on the image and made the
baby to look like he's on his tummy instead ;)

The jean pocket is a print and cut by Sarah Bailey
(Design ID #10513).  I cut a bottom layer and created
little notes for Monica to journal with by using the internal offset
feature (I let the Sil Studio do the faux stitching).  The font I used 
for the journal and the sentiment on the jean pocket is Curlz MT
The So Cute circle tag is by Loni Stevens Design (ID #38942).

top view of the jean pocket.

Details and closeups of LO #2 (First steps theme - "Oh the places you'll go"):

Once again, the white rectangles are place holders for Monica's
pictures and come off easily because they are held in place by
painter's tape.
The title on this double LO was created by using the same font as the
first set of LOs - the Cooper Black font. I again used the offset feature to
create the shadow for the title after I place the letters the way I wanted them
to look.  Then used the Swiss Dots CB folder again for the top layers and
used foam mounts to attach each letter to the shadow.

This father and son silhouette is by SnapDragon
Snippets (Design ID #13788)

This mom and child silhouette is by Rivka Wilkins
(Design ID #10984).  The footprints are by SnapDragon Snippets
(Design ID #7164).
The baby shoe is by Samantha Walker (Design ID #8695). 
I created a note tag for her to write her journal (faux stitching again
done in Silhouette Studio).

And there you have it for my contribution to our surprise baby blog hop for Monica.  I wish I could see the look on her face when she gets all her pre-made LOs.  I had a lot of fun creating my pages and I'm sure my other DT friends did too.   Thanks so much for stopping by today. 
 Your next stop on the hop is Patricia's blog.

Here's the entire lineup of the hop, just in case you get lost along the way:

Melody - <----(YOU ARE HERE)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Third Degree Black Belt Card

This post can also be viewed over at She's a Sassy Lady blog.  Thanks Sheila for allowing me to post my projects over on her blog for her readers once a month. 

A good friend of ours has a son who just received his third degree black belt over the weekend and I wanted to create a personalized card for him.  This project was designed using the Silhouette Studio and all cuts were done using my Cameo.  The rectangle card measures 7.750 x 4.325. 

Below is a screen shot of how I designed the card and the envelope in the Studio.

For the front of the card, I used a Karate Taz image by Looney Toons (Design ID #24771).  This image is a print and cut image, so it's already colored in.  After sizing the image to fit inside the front of the card, I ungrouped the image and substituted the letters TAZ on the black belt with KEV (short for Kevin, the kid's name).  Then I added 3 small rectangular stripes (flood-filled in red) on the other end of the black belt to signify the third degree black belt he just earned. Below are screen shots of what I'm talking about.

After ungrouping the parts of the image, I deleted the letters
TAZ and typed in KEV using the Arial font. 
The three rectangular stripes signifying 3rd degree
black belt, flood-filled in red.  I then set the images I added to
"print" only.
I then selected the whole image again and grouped them
all together. 

I arranged the images I wanted to print and cut on a 12 x 12 page before I sent it to my wide format printer.  I wanted to layer the some of the images so I printed two of each.  The card mat (in red and yellow sunrays) is a digital paper from a pack called At the Dojo, purchased through the Sweet Shoppe.  The sentiment for the front of the card was typed using the Chinese Takeaway font.  The shape it is printed inside of is an image by Alaa K (Design ID #12957) called paint frame.
screen shot
after the images have been printed in my printer and
cut with the Cameo (I like using my old Cricut mats in my
Here are closeups of the front of the card after assembly.

faux stitching was done using the Silhouette
Studio (internal offset feature), flood-filled
in white.
I added irock gems to the front sentiment.
Below is the how the inside of the card looks like.  I again let the Silhouette Studio do the faux stitching for me via the internal offset feature, but this time flood-filled the "stitches" in black.  I again used the Chinese Takeaway font for the inside sentiment.  The Taz image is also from the Silhouette Store by Looney Toones (Design ID #20585).

The envelope image is by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #31274).  I used the Chinese Takeaway font and let the Silhouette Studio do a sketched effect on the name "Kevin".  The kicking image on the bottom right of the envelope is a digital element also from the pack At the Dojo, from Sweet Shoppe, while the yin-yang image on top of "Kevin" is a digital element from the black belt pack from Scrap Orchard.

And there you have it ;).  Hope you enjoyed looking at my project today and hopefully I didn't confuse you much with the process ;) of creating it.  Have a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

She fights like a girl (double hybrid LO)

I promised a while back that I was going to show a few of my finished hybrid (part digital, part traditional) LOs after I get more Epson paper to print on, so here are a couple.  As you can see it is a double 12 x 12 LO.  I used the Creative Memories Storybook Creator 4 to create my digital pages, imported the jpeg copies onto the Silhouette Studio to plan my diecuts then added some buttons, pre-made flowers and twine and called it done ;).

Here is how the pages looked like after I imported the jpeg copies onto the Silhouette Studio.  Once again, the page on the left looks darker than the one on the right because it's sitting on the cutting mat view.

the girl karate stick figures are by SnapDragon Snippets
(Design ID #32227), which I ungrouped then positioned
and sized each on the pages as I pleased.
Below is a pic of how the two pages printed before I added the girl karate stick figures.

And some closeups.

BTW I'm happy to report that I am done with 2008 pages - yey!  I've moved on to doing my 2009 pages and hopefully be done with that year by October.  And while I don't want to bore you by showing all of them on here, I will try to post some from time to time. 

Thanks for stopping by once again and happy blogging ;). 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Communion Banner


Hello bloggers!  Today's my turn to post over at the Bugbytes blog so this post can also be viewed over there.  Thanks again, Pam for letting me share my projects with the Bugbytes readers once a month.  I normally post earlier in the day on my scheduled day but forgot it's already June :). Where does the time go?  Anyway, I wanted to show you all the First Communion banner my daughter and I worked on for her special day.  It is roughly 12 x 16 and all cuts were designed on the Silhouette Studio and cut with the Cameo.

The base of the banner is a white light foam material purchased from Michaels.  It is originally 12 x 18 but I folded a few inches back on the top to make a slot for a wooden dowel connected to a strip of ribbon to serve as the banner holder. 

Here's a screen shot of how I designed the banner in the Silhouette Studio.

I searched the internet for images of a Eucharist cup, Jesus and praying  hands, then imported them onto the Silhouette Studio. I then used the trace feature to make the images more crisp.

In this screen shot, the right image is the jpeg version copied from the internet
while the image on the left (in red outline) is the traced version. After tracing the
images, I converted the images to print only, then used the offset feature to create a
cut line around the images.
It maybe hard to tell on the screen shot above unless you click on the image to
enlarge it, but here the parts in black will print only, while the parts around the images
in red will cut. 
This is after printing.  The regisration marks on the three corners of the
page will guide the Cameo where to cut.
And here's a look after the Cameo had finished cutting around
the printed images.
My daughter colored the praying hands and the Eucharist cup before we attached them on the banner. We left the image of Jesus in grayscale and attached it in front of the the cross (image by Lori Whitlock - Design ID #26530).   The corner leaf vine flourish is by Samantha Walker (Design ID #7319), the rolled rose image is by Silhouette (Design ID #25432) and the banner is by Sarah Hurley (Design ID #38321).  I used the Choppin Script font for my daughter's name to print on the banner. 
And that's about it.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful week ahead.