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Monday, June 10, 2013

Third Degree Black Belt Card

This post can also be viewed over at She's a Sassy Lady blog.  Thanks Sheila for allowing me to post my projects over on her blog for her readers once a month. 

A good friend of ours has a son who just received his third degree black belt over the weekend and I wanted to create a personalized card for him.  This project was designed using the Silhouette Studio and all cuts were done using my Cameo.  The rectangle card measures 7.750 x 4.325. 

Below is a screen shot of how I designed the card and the envelope in the Studio.

For the front of the card, I used a Karate Taz image by Looney Toons (Design ID #24771).  This image is a print and cut image, so it's already colored in.  After sizing the image to fit inside the front of the card, I ungrouped the image and substituted the letters TAZ on the black belt with KEV (short for Kevin, the kid's name).  Then I added 3 small rectangular stripes (flood-filled in red) on the other end of the black belt to signify the third degree black belt he just earned. Below are screen shots of what I'm talking about.

After ungrouping the parts of the image, I deleted the letters
TAZ and typed in KEV using the Arial font. 
The three rectangular stripes signifying 3rd degree
black belt, flood-filled in red.  I then set the images I added to
"print" only.
I then selected the whole image again and grouped them
all together. 

I arranged the images I wanted to print and cut on a 12 x 12 page before I sent it to my wide format printer.  I wanted to layer the some of the images so I printed two of each.  The card mat (in red and yellow sunrays) is a digital paper from a pack called At the Dojo, purchased through the Sweet Shoppe.  The sentiment for the front of the card was typed using the Chinese Takeaway font.  The shape it is printed inside of is an image by Alaa K (Design ID #12957) called paint frame.
screen shot
after the images have been printed in my printer and
cut with the Cameo (I like using my old Cricut mats in my
Here are closeups of the front of the card after assembly.

faux stitching was done using the Silhouette
Studio (internal offset feature), flood-filled
in white.
I added irock gems to the front sentiment.
Below is the how the inside of the card looks like.  I again let the Silhouette Studio do the faux stitching for me via the internal offset feature, but this time flood-filled the "stitches" in black.  I again used the Chinese Takeaway font for the inside sentiment.  The Taz image is also from the Silhouette Store by Looney Toones (Design ID #20585).

The envelope image is by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #31274).  I used the Chinese Takeaway font and let the Silhouette Studio do a sketched effect on the name "Kevin".  The kicking image on the bottom right of the envelope is a digital element also from the pack At the Dojo, from Sweet Shoppe, while the yin-yang image on top of "Kevin" is a digital element from the black belt pack from Scrap Orchard.

And there you have it ;).  Hope you enjoyed looking at my project today and hopefully I didn't confuse you much with the process ;) of creating it.  Have a wonderful week! 


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Melody, what a GREAT card! Love the colors as it is so perfect. My SIL is a black belt and just go bonkers if he received a card like this! BEAUTIFUL! And great tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us today at She's A Sassy Lady.

Nadia ( said...

What an awesome card! It is hard to do boy cards but you nailed it-- just perfect! Love that you show the process! I know he will love this!

Love that cool sketch effect too!

Boopster said...

Very impressive card. Thanks for the detailed project instructions.

Boopster said...

Very impressive card. Thanks for the detailed project instructions.

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments, ladies!

Asha said...

Expertly executed! Boy cards are not easy, but this is spot on! Fab colours too.
xxx Asha
Sunny Summer Crafts