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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ninja Powers!

Happy Sunday!  Last night we were invited to a small gathering to celebrate 2 of the kids from my own kids' old taekwondo school who tested for their first degree blackbelts.  Although it was a last minute invite, we couldn't say no because we have missed the kids and their families.  I literally had to make these 2 cards in less than an hour so this is what I came up with. 

I'm still loving the sketch effects on the Silhouette Studio so I opted to turn 2 martial arts cuts into sketches.  Not much embellishments going on here and I kept them pretty much black and white to mimic the new blackbelts' black and white uniform.  Just a little stitching (ok fine, a LOT of stitching!) and a strand of black ribbon to serve as black belt on the card to the right.  The cards are size A2. 

Here are some closeups:
Card #1

Card #2


Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi my blogging friends!  Today I'm sharing a project with you that I'm linking at the following challenges:

*The Cameo Spotlight  challenge #4 Triangles
*Cameo Creations Challenge Anything Goes
*Cute Card Thursday Letters and Numbers challenge

This card was designed using the Silhouette Studio using purchased images from the Silhouette Store, and all cuts were done using my Cameo.   I used Boister Black font for "BOO" and used the offset feature for its shadow.  The base of the card is an image by Snapdragon Snippets, and is actually meant to have round ornaments in them - I just substituted the Jack-O-Lanterns images by Samantha Walker.  This card is roughly 4 x 6, and can be used a decorative element as well.

Here's a screen shot of the original 3-panel card (before I discarded the round ornaments, shown below in pink) and the Jack-O-Lanterns in my Silhouette Studio.  I put it some color just so you can see them better.

Here's a shot of the backside of the card.  Since the cardstock I used was  double sided, I didn't bother covering the stitches on the back - I think they match well with the spiders and the spider webs.

As you can see, I hung 3 double-sided Jack-o-lanterns in in each circle window with a jute twine.  I embossed the pumpkins with Swiss Dots CB folder and attached them to the black layer with foam mounts.  I also added purple Card Candis. 


I had extra cutouts from the pumpkin cuts so I used those pieces to decorate the pocket envelope.  Since there's not a lot of room to write a sentiment on the card itself, I used the card insert that came with the pocket envelope image by Sophie Gallo.  I used a smaller version of the Jack-O-Lanterns and used them as a print only image to decorate the inside card sentiment.  I again used the Boister Black font to write the sentiment in orange.

And here's the card and the sentiment insert all tuckered inside the pocket envelope.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peace out, bday girl!

Quick post ;).  Just wanted to share a card I made for my little niece Milan (cute name, eh? Her older sister's name's Paris, I kid you not!) who turned 7 yesterday.  We will see her this weekend, hopefully.  The card is 5 x 5.  The prints on the banners were all from my library of patterns from the Silhouette Studio.  I used the High Tower Text font for the sentiment.  I used the Plum Blossom CB folder to emboss the brown mat.  I dusted my mini sewing machine - but don't go clicking on the photo to enlarge it or you may see my horrendous sewing job :(  The digi image is from Scrapper's Delights which I imported onto the Silhouette Studio and used the trace feature so I can cut her with my Cameo; she is colored with Prismacolor pencils.

Here's a closeup of the image. 

Peace out! (So sorry, couldn't help myself LOL!) Thanks for looking! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding card

I just realized I never posted this card.  My cousin got married about a month ago in San Francisco and  I created this card for him and his new wife.  All cuts are done on the Cameo.  The card was roughly 8 1/2 x 4.  The envelope was sized to accomodate the card and matches the butterflies in the front of the card.  Rather than bore you all with the details on an early Monday morning, I will show you pictures instead (plus I'm doing some errands today). 

Close-ups of the front of the card.

The inside of the card. You guys know I love pockets inside my cards for gift receipts or gift cards if I didn't have the time to buy a gift.  The sentiment on the right was I believe a freebie digital sentiment from Digi Doodles

The card and the envelope.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Happy Monday and hope to "see" you all again later this week!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

For the love of Bugs Bunny and Friends

Hi all!  Happy Sunday!  I am still loving the look of the sketch feature on the Silhouette Studio that I made myself (yes, for ME!  I know it may sound a little selfish but I make a lot of  stuff for other people, so this is MINE....until I give them away) a set of Looney Toons notecards.  I don't know about most of you, but I grew up watching Looney Toons.  When I ran into these images on the Silhouette Store, I had to have as much as I can get.  Some of the images I have collected are print and cut, coloring pages, or layered SVG images - and would you believe any of these formats can be converted into a sketch?  Blew me away too LOL!  The photo above shows the notecard set inside a crate box (file by Lori Whitlock).  I used the sketch feature on Tweety's image and positioned two on opposite sides of the box, as you can see in the Silhouette Studio screen shot below, sent the image to print in my wide format printer then cut the box in my Cameo.  The tulip flourish is by Hero Arts, purchased through the Silhouette Store.  The layered flower is a pre-assembled die-cut by K&Company. 

Another shot of the crate box.

And a shot of the inside of the notecards - I kept them simple enough so there's plenty of room for me to write my own sentiment/notes.

Anyway, here are the 12 finished notecards I created.  I am a note-giver.  I used to use stationeries, but I ran out so this is a good alternative.  The notecards are 3 1/2 x 3 1/2.  I'm so sorry I forgot what fonts I used for the sentiments.

Bugs Bunny
Penelope Pussycat, Pepe Le Pew, and Speedy Gonzales
Tweety (my all-time fave!) and Marvin the Martian
Tazmanian Devil and Sylvester
and last but not least, Porky Pig
I am linking this project over @ The Old Backporch 52 Cards Challenge.  Patrice, the blog owner has a challenge to link up ANY cards, starting the beginning of this year.  Won't you join me?!  Since I just found out about her blog when she visited me a few days ago, I have a lot to make up LOL!

BTW if you are a Silhouete Studio user and would like to know how to use the sketch feature, go  here to my blogging friend Sabrina over at Sabriolet Designs - she has an awesome tutorial! 

Ok crafters, so long!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two down....

...and who knows how many more to go!  While some of my blogging friends already have a stash of Christmas cards done and ready to go, I'm just barely getting started.  I needed a push since I always procrastinate and end up buying (gasp!) Christmas cards to hand out (for the most part).  The cards you see above are inspired by two challenges I'm linking them to:  (1) Going Buggy [make a Christmas card with non-traditional colors ie., no reds or greens] and (2) Clean and Simple Stamping [sketch challenge].

Some close ups of the finished cards.

The cards are size A2.  If your don't count the front and the black matt, there is almost NO die-cut on these cards.  The trio of Christmas ornaments and the first line of the sentiment were printed on my printer using the sketch feature of the Silhouette Studio.  The Christmas ornaments were originally die-cut (or SVGs) purchased through the Silhouette Store, and is by Sophie Gallo.  The fonts I used were Janda Curlygirl Chunky and Arial.  To truly appreciate how to turn anything into a sketch on the Silhouette Studio, please go here to my blogging friend Sabrina's blog - I really couldn't have improved on her instructions. 

Here are the front of the cards after sending it to my printer and before I loaded the matt to my Silhouette Cameo (you can use a Cricut matt on the Silhouette Cameo).

And here's the inside of the card, all ready to be addressed when I'm ready. 

I'm really liking the look of turning images into a sketch.  Thanks again for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A stack of "books" and some wobbly bookmarks

Hi there!  Today's my day to post over at the Bugbytes blog so this post can also be viewed there.  Thanks once again Pam for letting me post my project in your blog for your readers.  School is back in full swing for just about everyone here in the US so I made some goody treats for my little nephews and nieces starting their preschool and 1st grade this year.  All the cuts on this project were designed using the Silhouette Studio and cut in my Cameo. 

Here's another look at the "books" upright.

The 3D book box is an image by Lori Whitlock, purchased from the Silhouette Store - it comes with three images to build the sturdy book box.  The blue rectangle scallop and pink oval scallop cuts (seen below) are also by Lori Whitlock.  I sized a rectangle and an oval from the Silhouette Studio to layer on top of the scalloped shapes, then typed the sentiments for the kids I'm giving them to,  "signing" them off with love from my kids Ryan, Mya and Mojo (our one year old cockapoo). The circle label is a print and cut by Sarah Bailey.  
I inserted a strip of ribbon between the two panels (the outside layer and the inside layer) so that I can close up the book box securely after filling them with goodies.

After making the boxes and decorating them individually, I set out to create the bookmarks.  The Disney images were free images I downloaded from free sites, and were originally GIF images.  I used Photoshop Elements to convert them into PNG images, then imported them to Silhouette Studio to size as I please.  Here I created a cut line (shown in red) around the images so my Cameo knows where to cut after I printed the images in my printer.

I then adhered the Disney images to the bookmarks with wobblers.  The bookmarks with the name of my nieces and nephews were done using print and cut (fonts and patterns used were ones already in my library).  For added stability, I used the back of a cereal box as the bottom layer for the bookmarks.


Here's another look at the book boxes all decked out.  Besides the bookmarks I plan to fill the boxes with some edible goodies. 
(the Disney balloons were free images from Kelly Bell Designs -
 I created a cut line in the Silhouette Studio to let my Cameo know where to cut)
Thanks for looking!  Until next time!