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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ballerina cards

Hi there!  This post can also be viewed over at She’s a Sassy Lady blog.  Thanks Sheila for having me over once a month.

Today I’m sharing a few 3 3/4 x 8 inches cards with basically the same images but each done up a little bit different.  Why the odd measurement you asked?  Well they were originally meant to fit into letter sized envelopes but as I decorated them they turned out to be a little (a lot, really) too bulky for them.  No worries though because I was able to create envelopes for these bulky cards.

This project was designed using the Silhouette Studio using images purchased from the Silhouette Store.  I started out by creating a base card measuring 7.49 x 8 inches (shown below in green).  Then I centered a perforation in the middle of the base, where I would want the card folded in half.  I created a mat for the front of the card (shown in pink) by sizing a rectangle 3.5 x 7.75 inches.  For the front panels (shown as the black layer), I used the internal offset feature and sized them at 3.25 x 7.5 inches. 
Then I took this front panel (again, the size flood-filled in black), and sized the assorted ballerina silhouette (these came in a group!) by Jamie (Design ID #32539) to fit inside.
And here are the three different front panels in my Silhouette Studio, before sending them to my wide format printer and cutting with my Cameo. The registration marks on the screen are the same ones that the Cameo will use to cut where it needed to cut. 
The background on the top one was flood-filled with the butterfly pattern by Olivia (Design ID #21069).  The background in the middle was flood-filled in black, while the same ballerina silhouette was printed in pink, as a sketch.  For the bottom one, I used the same ballerina silhouette done up in sketch, but left the background clear.  I used the Times New Roman font for the “SOAR” sentiment, and used the sketch feature to print it in black.  Below is a closeup of the front panels, after printing and cutting. 
And here are closeups of the finished cards again, after embellishing them with premade ribbon rosettes, sticker gems, faux stitching with gel pens and embossed (Plum Blossoms CB folder) strips in coordinating colors. 
Oops almost forgot to show you how I created the matching envelopes.  As I mentioned earlier, the cards ended up being too bulky for the letter sized envelopes I intended to put them in, so I found an envelope image called #10 string tie envelope by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #31274) and sized it to fit my cards.  I just deleted parts I didn’t need (string closure), used the offset feature on the perforation layer to create a boxy-type of envelope.  I used the Pristina font for the “For” and the “From” sentiments on front of the envelopes and then to coordinate, I used the ballet shoes image by Rivka Wilkins (Design ID #8971), but used it as a print only, in sketch. 
Now there is plenty of room for each bulky card Winking smile.
Just had to add one more ribbon rosette Winking smile.
Hope you liked the project I shared with you all today.  Have a great week! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lucky me!

Welcome to another Cameo Creations Challenge!  Our theme in the next two weeks is anything to do with St. Patrick’s and using buttons.  Be creative and link up with us. 

For my DT inspiration, I created a 5 1/2  square card using a purchased clovers card base by Daniela Angelova (Design ID #38829).  I imported a digi image by Polly Craft onto the Silhouette Store and sized it to fit inside a rectangular layer.  The sentiment was written in Abbeyline and Creampuff fonts, flood-filled with my choice of color before I sent them to print in my printer.  I also used the internal offset feature on the Silhouette Studio to faux stitch for me.  Then I colored the digi image with Promarkers. 

close up of the faux stitching –
what a time saver for me Winking smile

I used a stitch embossing folder for the little strip on the right side of the card (one of 5 mini Just My Type CB folder) to go with the faux stitching, then added my buttons.

I used the same faux stitching technique for the inside layer of the card.  The shamrock on the left side is one of 5 clover shamrock set by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #38917). Because I was feeling lazy Winking smile, I flood-filled the shamrock with green and just used it as a print only image. 

Hope I have inspired you to create something for St. Patrick’s using buttons.  I can’t wait what you link up with us at the Cameo Creations Challenge.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thanks for a wonderful season!

Happy Sunday!  This post can also be viewed over at the Bugbytes blog.  Still very grateful for Pam for allowing me to share with her wonderful followers once a month Winking smile.  My project to share with you all today are thank you cards for the coaches and trophy tags for the kids in my son’s 4th grade basketball team.  This past season was the first time my husband took on a volunteer head coaching position for my son’s team, so naturally I was the head team mom (luckily I was able to persuade another mom to help Winking smile).  So very thankful that a few of the other dads volunteered to help out too.

Below is a picture of the layers before assembly.

Let me start with the thank you cards for the coaches.  The cards are 5x5 and all cuts were done using the Cameo.  The sentiment “thanks, coach!” was printed using the sketch feature using the Times New Roman font.  The fire flourish by SnapDragon Snippets LLC (Design ID #16979) originally showcases a soccer ball layer that I just deleted in the Silhouette Studio, then flood-filled with red and blue.  The basketball image is also by SnapDragon Snippets LLC (Design ID #10859)  and I foam mounted the cut images onto the front of the cards after running the orange layers through the bubbles CB folder . I used the Times New Roman font again for the coaches’ names and foam mounted them onto each card.  I used the internal offset feature to create an inside layer for the inside sentiment.  The font I used for the inside sentiment is Abbeyline

Now onto the trophy tags.  Although the trophies had the kids’ names and jersey numbers engraved on them, I still wanted to create a tag to dress up the trophies when we present them to the kids.  The base of the tags were from a “build a banner set” by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #25737).  I used the pointed ones for the boys and the scalloped ones for the girls in the team.  I used the Algerian font for the kids’ names and the Times New Roman font for their jersey numbers.  I think they add a personalized touch to the trophies Winking smile

The boys' tags
The girls' tags
Thanks for looking.  Now that the basketball season is over I can HOPEFULLY get back to my crafting.