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Friday, December 2, 2011

3D Paper Ornament ala Sophie

Happy Friday bloggers!  Today I am sharing a 3D paper ornament I made for the CC Blog November Magazine Challenge.  For this challenge we were asked to create "something fabulous for the upcoming holidays" using one of our latest Circle cartridge Sophie. 

Now if you are not new to my blog you already know how much I adore this cartridge and have even mentioned in previous posts that it is my favorite (so far) of all the exclusive Circle cartridges.  However, (big gasp!) Sophie does not really scream Christmas-y to me LOL so it was a real challenge to come up with something for the holidays using this cart....but I'm happy to say that I was able to come up with something. 

To create the 3D ornament base, I cut this flowery-looking "frame" called <Label6> on page 47 of the handbook at 7 inches; I cut out 6 of them in red cardstock. 

(LOL that dark brown fur to the left of the mat belongs to my 6 month old cockapoo Mojo)

Then I folded each in half (ignore the other cut on the left side of the pic below - it came from the negative cut of the frame/label and I have other plans for it).

Before glueing the pieces together, I stood them up roughly to see if I needed to add more cuts.  Since I wanted to insert something in the midde, I kept it at 6 pieces so the ornament would have 6 panels in all.  I glued the first 3 pieces together, then worked on the image that I wanted to hang in the middle before adhering the last 3 pieces together to close up the ornament. 

For the image in the middle of the ornament I used the Sophie <Heart1> image on page 29 cut at 3.5 inches using gold shimmery cardstock; I cut 4 of these for depth.  The cardstock was not shimmery enough for me so after glueing 2 back to back I took the other 2 and ran them through my Xyron 900 upside down so the glue is in the front.  Then I sprinkled some fine glitter on them before I adhered them to the other two using foam mounts. 

Oops almost forgot to mention that I inserted a strand of this clear plastic thread in between the first two layers of the heart, long enough so I can hang it in the middle of the ornament, and also be able to hang something at the end later.  (I don't know exactly what the plastic thread was used for but here's a pic of it below - I have had this thing for years and at 550 yards seemed a great price for just  $1.49!)

After the heart image is ready with the plastic thread, I attached  to the first 3 pieces of the base of the ornament before I went ahead and closed up the ornament with the last 3 pieces of the base.  I added a small gold faux pearl to hold the plastic thread in place on the top, and then another one on the bottom to hold a shorter plastic thread.  

For the snowflakes, I used the Sophie doily image <Snowflke> on page 55, cut 12x in white shimmery cardstock at 2 inches.  While the snowflakes were cutting in the E2, I went to work on the beads for the bottom of the ornament.

For added bling, I attached an irock gem to each snowflake before attaching them randomly to each of the 6 panels of the ornament base.  I used foam dots to attach 2 snowflakes back to back per panel. 

To finish off the ornament I cut the <Holly> and its layers from the Winter Woodland cart, cut at 2 inches, to dress up the heart image in the middle for the holidays.  I cut 2 of the Holly image, one for the front and the other for the back of the heart image.  I embossed the leaves with the Script CB folder. 

I just love those beads hanging on the bottom! 

View from the top with the ribbon to hold the ornament up.

And the best part is......this 3D ornament stores flat after the holidays so I can use it again next year!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend! 


Carolyn/MamaC said...

Melody, what a stunning ornament! Thank you for the detailed instructions!

girlia said...

Melody I must admit you did it. You made this fabulous ornament. I am looking at my Sophie in a whole new light now--Good Luck with the challenge

jrugg said...

What a great ornament-very creative! I love the beads!