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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanks, Enfys!

Hi there!  Just a quick post to express my gratitude towards a very sweet lady, whose blog I have been following for over a year now,  at Going Buggy blog.  Enfys was so sweet to send me some double-sided foams and everything else you see above when I told her I was blaming her for me snatching some card candis from Blitsy almost a couple of weeks ago ;).   NO, I didn't win anything from her blog; she just decided to grab me some foams and send them to me JUST BECAUSE - from the UK!  If you are a blog follower of hers, you know that she showcases some very awesome cards, some using the card candis from Craftworks Cards.  She is also very talented at coloring the images on her cards.  And did I almost forget to mention that some of her works have been published in numerous craft magazines?! 

Below are some of the card candis I snatched up from Blitsy.

I am going to be having fun using these and the stuff Enfys sent me in my upcoming projects.  Thanks again, Enfys!  Hugs!


Carolyn/MamaC said...

Congrats on getting these goodies! Aren't JUST BECAUSE packages fun! Have a great time creating!

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