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Monday, February 13, 2012

Piece of Cake

So today is my 42nd birthday so I thought it fitting to show you a no fat and no calorie cake I made - well if you don't count the chocolates I'm stuffing the insides with.  This is hardly an original design since a lot of crafters have made these in different variations, but I wanted to show you all because it's my first time making one.  I made this for the teachers at my kids' school for Valentine's Day. 

I needed to make the cake slices as fast as I could so I used a file purchased for 99 cents at the Silhouette store, and cut with my Cameo. You can use similar cake slice images from other Cricut cartridges you may have. In fact I started cutting a slice of cake image from the Tie the Knot cart but decided against using it because I hate scoring!  The Silhouette cake slice was easier for me to work with because the perforation on the cuts made it easy for me to just fold where I needed to fold, no need for a bone folder!     

The flowers were from the Art Philosophy cart, each cut at 2 1/2  x 2.60  inches.  Another Cricut cut is the swirl on the outside of the slices, from the Wall Decor and More cart, cut at 0.47 x  2.50 inches.  I attached a pink plastic heart on the the back of the top layer , another Target dollar bin find ;).   I also added a string of thin cream ribbon for a faux two-layer look. 

Here are some closeups:

The slices shifted in this picture so the center looks off, but really it
makes for a perfect 12 slices cake. 

I have rolled my flowers ahead of time, so if you don't count that (which really didn't take much time either), it took me about an hour and a half to cut, fold and glue all the pieces.  My DD loves this look and wants one in PURPLE as her goody boxes for her 7th birthday next month - so stay tuned ;).  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday!   


girlia said...

This turned out Great!! Awesome job.

Dayna Sabrina said...

This is an adorable cake! Great use of both systems. My new gypsy just arrived so hopefully I will be back to cutting something Cricut soon too. I miss my Flower Shoppe Flowers!

MelodyR aka Ry&MysMom said...

@ Dayna: I know how you must feel. I know I would be lost without my Gypsy.