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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Goodies


A day late in posting V Day treats!  These were the treats my kids took to school yesterday to celebrate V Day.  I made 11 for my DD's Kinder class and 16 for my DS's class - yep, been blessed that their class size have been kept small.   Above pic is the front of the treats and below is the back side.


I'd like to say that the pic below was the "inspiration" for the whole project LOL!  It was looking so plain with just the sandwich bag - I couldn't leave it alone knowing I could pretty it up a bit with the use of my trusted E ;).

The sandwich bag was about 7 inches wide so I started out by trimming a 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock down to 7 x 11.  Then I used my Gypsy to gauge just where I'd want the heart "window" to be.  Below pic is what you'd end up with, a stack of 7 x 11 cardstock with the heart "window".   The heart cut was from the Sweethearts cart, which I will use for the back of the goody treats.  

Then all I did was fold each cardstock in half.  At this point, I punched the sides with with a Martha Stewart heart border punch for the ones for my DD's class.  I left my DS's ones plain cuz honestly he's tired of the "frills". 

I used two shadow images from the MS Elegant Cake Art cart for the topper, flipped one and welded it to the other so you get this below:

I liked how these images below turned out - it's like getting two cuts in one!  So I used the "positive" cut for the front of the baggies and the "negative" cut for the back of the baggies.

I then placed the baggies inside the folds of the 7 x 11 cardstock, topped them off with the topper and stapled them all together.  Then I placed the cupid cut from the Sweethearts cart in the front next to the heart "window".  Remember those hearts I cut out to make those "windows"?  Well I placed those on top of the heart doilies cut  from the same cart (Sweethearts) and stuck them in the back with the "XOXO" cut from Stamping cart. 

Thanks for looking and hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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