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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Home for Hello Kitty Card

A couple of days ago I posted a Hello Kitty shaped card (see pic above?)  so I decided it needs a special "home".  For  the card base I used the Wild Card cart and the letters and silhouette image are cut using the Hello Kitty Font cart.  After glueing the letters and the image, I was contemplating on how to best glue Hello  Kitty's eyes and nose.

 Luckily for me I guess the blade in my expression was not sharp so the little pieces did not completely cut through. I just flipped her face over and put glue ONLY on the pieces I wanted to transfer to my card.

Then I carefully placed the image on the card.  Using my Cricut tool that looks like a dentist's scrapper, I made sure that the pieces I wanted to transfer came off the image onto the card and lifted that image off.

And voila perfect placement of Hello Kitty's eyes and nose!

The backside was looking a little naked so I put two brads and made a strand of beads on a jewelry wire to close the card.  BTW the cardstock I used was double sided so I didn't have to cut a liner to dress up the inside.

Thanks for looking!  

1 comment:

Linda Kaiser said...

I love your card! I so need to buy that cart. Great envelope too!!