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Friday, December 17, 2010

Corner giftcard pockets

First off, I apologize for the long post.

So after I made a handful of Christmas cards for my kids' teachers, I decided I would insert Starbucks giftcards inside.  I bought a bunch of Starbucks giftcards and then.....what, NO little envelopes?  I was a little peeved, momentarily, especially when my barista suggested I can go to any Starbucks and see if I could find the little envelopes they go in - this is AFTER she has already rung up my 10 or so giftcards!  Grrrrr!  But then, I thought....I'll make my own!  However, instead of making little envelopes for each one of the many giftcards I bought I decided to just make pockets to hold the giftcards inside the greeting cards. 

I wanted to make a pocket using corner picture holders for the giftcards.  I looked through all the cartridges I have linked in my Gypsy and couldn't find a corner picture holder to my liking.  Sure some carts had "corner" images to mimic an actual picture corner holder, but I wanted one that can serve as a "pocket" so that the giftcard recipient can easily take it out.  So I made my own!  Love my G (just saying LOL) for this!  I decided to pick out the corner image on the Picturesque cartridge that looks like it could be a doily corner.  Then I clicked on "Shift/Lock" key and chose its coordinating bottom layer.  I then added 2 rectangular images to serve as "flaps" to hold the giftcard in place, and welded those with the bottom image.

After cutting the images on the Cricut (I needed a bunch!), I folded in the flaps on the bottom images.

Then I snipped off both corner end flaps at an angle.  This is so that when you fold in the two flaps they're not bulky.

I then attached the top layer.

Then put glue on the back flaps ONLY so no excess glue gets on the giftcard.

Then put your gift card in

Here's what you do next....

There you go!

Thanks for stopping by! 


Linda Kaiser said...

Great idea! I am sooo going to try this:)

Happy Holidays,

A splash here and there said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda! Have a wonderful Holidays!