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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tags aplenty

Hi there again!  Part of this post can also be seen over at the Bugbytes.  Thanks Pam for allowing me to hijack your blog for a brief moment each month Winking smile.  Today I’m sharing a bunch of Valentive gift tags I created for my children’s school’s annual Crabfeed Festival auction baskets.  I am a room mom for my son’s 4th grade class so naturally I was in charge of making the auction baskets for his class.  Our theme this year is Valentines since it’s just right around the corner. All tags were designed using the Silhouette Studio, using images purchased from the Silhouette Store, as well as fonts already in my computer library.  All cuts were done using the Silhouette Cameo.

For the base of the tags, I used a heart lace tag image by Sophie Gallo(Design ID #27944).  After I decided on how big my tags need to be, I then fit the images and sentiments inside the tags.  I used Arial, Choppin Script, and Times New Roman fonts for the tags.  I set the sentiments to “no cut” since I only wanted them printed onto the center of the tags, not cut – I only wanted the heart tag cut.  I then flood-filled the fonts with colors I wanted to make the sentiments stand out.   For the tag on the right side above, I used a love grunge film strip by Alaa’ Studio (Design ID #15466), and turned it into a sketch, then highlighted the word LOVE with a light lavender marker.

For layering I used the offset feature to create a shadow image for the heart tags then cut those in red.  I had to list the items included in each auction basket so I typed them using Times New Roman font.  For these I again chose no-cut and flood filled the fonts in black ink so that they print only.  Below is the back of the tags for my son’s class auction baskets.

And here are the tags on the auction baskets.  I glued some premade ribbon rosettes on the front of each tags.

And didn’t I say in the title “tags aplenty?”  Well some of the other classes’ room moms saw the tags I made for my son’s class auction baskets and asked me to make some for them too so below are the other tags I created.  Plus I coudn't say no to the second grade room mom since we're friends and my DD is in that class ;). I won’t bore you all with the list of items in the back of each tag so I’ll just show you all the front. 

The heart image on this tag is by Donna Downey
(Design ID #32494) which I turned into a print only
and used red ink to print.  The grill is an image
by Hero Arts ( Design ID #18206), which
I turned into a sketch.

I used the same heart image by Donna Downey on this tag. 
 For added interest I hot glued plastic fork and knife.

Same heart image by Donna Downey ;).  I just added some
Craftworks Card Candis on this tag and called it done.

This one was even simpler.  I just added some premade flowers
by K&Company and by Brides.
The minivan image on this tag is by Silhouette (Design ID #1432)
 and the monster truck image is by Loni Harris (Design ID #7677). 
I flood filled the images with my choice of colors, set them
to print only, used the offset feature for the shadow outline to
cut around them.  I used a different color Craftworks Card Candis
on this one.
Hope you all like the tags I've shared with you today.  Thanks for stopping by! 


Pam said...

Cute tags Melody. Much needed during the coming week to pack all those valentine gifts. TFS

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are super tags! Your baskets look awesome! Carri~Abusybee

Asha said...

These tags are just fab and they're so versatile. Thanks for sharing.... and let's see more!

Pinky Papercraft said...

The tags are so pretty and I love the baskets.

Dayna Sabrina said...

Can you come make the auction basket for my kids school? Pretty please?! Beautiful presentation.